Unique, Blue Jade Sculptures

Blue Jades is a showcase specifically displaying Contemporary, Sculptured Blue Jades.   The intrigue and inherent beauty of blue jade is not dependent on being Jadeite or Nephrite. Both are Jade and each has their own mysterious appeal. From a jade carvers perspective neither has a preference as any fine quality material always reveals it's heart when gently caressed and coached to a fine example of Jade Art Now. Like all gifts from the depths of Gaia the offerings come in many appearances, from almost black, midnight blue to the palest tint of blueness of white washed skys. From opaque to very rare, almost glass like translucencency.   Both extremes of either stone possess the subtle energies and power of the earth from whence it is formed. The recognition and understanding of this essence is always reflected in the sensitivity captured and illustrated in the finished work.  Works potentially able to carry the Mana of the possessors through countless generations. Accumulating energies with each successive Steward.

Big Sur Jade 'Blue Guardian'

Big Sur Jade 'Blue Guardian'

Not all pieces will be available as many are already on their individual journeys. However should a specific example capture interest discussions are always welcomed HERE


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